New Year’s Resolutions Your Dog Will Love

New Year’s Resolutions Your Dog Will Love

new year's resolutions for dogs

Dogs, just like people, can take on a challenge. Of course, for your four-legged family members, you will be instrumental in ensuring your dog has the resources and the help he or she needs to be successful. I have some New Year’s resolutions for dogs that might interest you.

The following are a few dog-friendly New Year’s Resolutions that will help your pooch be a happier, healthier dog in 2018 and beyond. Many of these resolutions may also help you keep yours, which is certainly a win-win situation for everyone.

Obedience Training

One of the best gifts that any dog owner can give their pet is to have him or her seen as a well-behaved, socialized dog. However, even dogs that have gone through obedience work can regress in their behavior and socialization. If you have a puppy, juvenile dog or an older adult or senior dog that needs a refresher course, making it a New Year’s Resolution to sign up for obedience training.

Agility Training

While some breeds of dogs and some dogs seem to need to have a job to do to be happy, all dogs love to try new things. Once a dog has mastered obedience work, the next logical step is to try out agility training. Different types of courses and obstacles can accommodate dogs from all sizes from toy and small breeds to larger breeds.

Canine Citizenship or Therapy Dog Training

If your New Year’s Resolution is to volunteer or give back to your community, taking your dog through Canine Citizenship training or through a therapy dog training in your local community may be just the way for both of you to help out. These trainings focus on obedience and socialization and are a great experience for both owners and dogs.

Increasing Daily Exercise

Many people have a goal to lose weight or get in better overall shape in the New Year, and now you can include your dog. Add an extra 10 minutes to the morning walk or jog, commit to at least 4 days a week at the dog park and set up some hiking/walking/playtime with other dogs and their owners.

Increasing Daily Play Time

Dogs love to interact with their owners and their families in fun activities. Make a commitment that you and your dog will pay for a set period of time every day. Buy some toys to throw or fun chew toys your dog will love to play with.

Increasing Time with You

If your dog had one New Year’s Resolution he or she would make, it would be to spend more time with you. By doing a training program, increasing exercise and adding in play time you will accomplish this, but don’t forget about the quiet time for grooming, petting and just being together on a daily basis.