New Trends In Must Have Dog Accessories For 2019

2019 dog trends

There are a lot of new trends in the pet industry, with many of them focusing on both safety as well as fun things for dogs. Some of these trends are more for the fashion-forward dogs and their owners, while others are more practical in nature and are a good match for a wide number of dog breeds, sizes, and even personality types.

Natural Remedies and Treatment Options

Essential oils, CBD and other hemp-based options for diet and health issues are going to become more mainstream in the upcoming years. There is a significant amount of research that backs the use of these products, specifically CBD, which is a non-THC containing oil that offers several benefits from treating some health conditions to relieving anxiety and improving digestion.

The concern for many in the holistic veterinary services is the availability of these items online, many websites which are not based in the USA and which have limited if any quality control in the production of the product. Before using any essential oils, and some are potentially deadly for dogs, be sure to talk to a holistic veterinarian for correct usage and dosage. It is also important to ask about recommended manufacturers and products to ensure the best quality.

We published a blog about the use of CBD for dogs a few months ago.  Click here if you want to read it again!

Smart Devices

Smart devices from pet cameras to pet fitness trackers and locators will continue to be a popular option in 2019. With an increased range to read the devices, improvement in GPS services on the devices and a wealth of valuable data for dog owners, they are a great option for the exercise and fitness conscious pet owner.

Keep in mind, these devices also offer tracking, so if you have a dog that is prone to wandering or getting away, these types of devices can literally save your dog’s life.

Intelligence Testers

Dog puzzles and mental challenges range from simply food dispensers to more complicated board types of games for dogs. These games area great teaching tool and also help to engage dogs mentally, stimulating their mental energy and giving them a challenge.

These types of dog puzzles and games are also a great way for dogs and people to bond. They offer a natural reward and interactive experience that is great for kids and adults alike.

Pet Fashion

Bling is big in 2019 for both big dogs and small dogs. Jeweled or light up collars, leashes, harnesses, and vests are a great way to add style and fashion as well as visibility.

Trendy clothing is sure to follow human fashion styles. New designs in seasonal shirts, hats, and hoodies to keep your dog looking great throughout the year are going to be bold, bright and creative.

Pet Food

A growing trend for 2019 is to provide pets with natural, organic foods as opposed to processed dry kibble or even canned food. The new options in fresh, refrigerated pet foods are very popular and are rated high with both vets and animal nutritionists.

Of course, making your own baked dog treats or choosing a natural BARF diet is also a way to show your dog how much he or she is loved. However, with new healthy options on the market, there are more choices for busy pet owners.

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