Easy DIY Gift for Your Dog

Are the winter holidays right around the corner, and you forgot to pick up something for your dog? Is Fido’s birthday tomorrow and you want to get him something special? It’s okay! We know some things fall through the cracks with all the hustle and bustle of life, but we’ve got you covered with an easy DIY gift for your dog that uses materials you probably have around the house.


An old t-shirt
A tennis ball
A pair of scissors

Easy DIY Gift for Your Dog

Using your scissors, cut the t-shirt in three places—approximately following the red lines in the image below—to create three strips of fabric, one thinner strip, and two wider strips. (It’s okay if they’re a little uneven!)

Easy DIY Gift for Your Dog

Use the two wide strips (2 &3) to create an “X” shape.

Easy DIY Gift for Your Dog

Place the tennis ball in the center of the “X”, then wrap it up and twist the fabric.

Using the thin strip of fabric (1), tie together the wide strips to secure the tennis ball in place.

Next, take one of the wide strips and cut it in two places so that you have three strips of fabric. (Pro tip: Don’t completely cut these strips off, they need to be connected to the rest of the fabric!)

Now, braid the three strands together and tie off at the end.

Repeat with the remaining three wide strips so that you have four braids, then you’re all done!

Finally, share this with your pup—whatever the special occasion may be—so that they have a fun, new toy, handmade by the person they love most in the world!

Easy DIY Gift for Your DogEasy DIY Gift for Your Dog Easy DIY Gift for Your Dog

If you make one of these fun toys for your dogs, share it with us on our social media pages! We’d love to see your creations!