Make Love Your Pet Day Something To Remember

Love Your Pet Day

If you forget to get your pet something for Valentine’s Day on February 14th, don’t despair, you still have February 20th to make up for lost time. February 20th is #Loveyourpet day – so why not make it something your dog is sure to enjoy and remember.

We have developed a list of some fun, exciting and unique ideas to share this special day with the four-legged love of your life. The great thing is that everyone in the family could choose to do something special, really pampering your dog and making him or her the center of attention for the entire day.

  • Take a trip – most dogs love going for a ride in the vehicle. If your dog loves to hope in and go somewhere, why not make this a special trip to a favorite place? You may want to go to a favorite spot, perhaps a favorite dog park, or maybe try out something completely new. You may be able to find a state or local park that is dog-friendly and take a long walk or a hike to celebrate this special day.
  • Invite some friends – dogs love being around their family, but they also enjoy spending some time with their other canine friends as well. Consider getting a group of your dog’s favorite pooch pals together and inviting them over for a playdate in the afternoon, or maybe arranging to meet up for a walk or some time spent enjoying the freedom of the dog park.
  • Playtime prioritizedplan on spending a block of uninterrupted time playing with your pet. Purchase a new ball or a new rope for tug-of-war, or maybe try out one the new types of dog brain game toys. Your dog really won’t care what you are playing; it is the fun of being with the family and having undivided attention that makes him or her really happy.
  • Plan a massage – there are lots of informative videos online about how to give your dog a massage. If you have an energetic dog, make sure you plan a long walk, a jog or some play time first so he or she can work off all the accumulated energy.
  • Spa day – if your dog loves to be really spoiled and pampered, why not create a spa day at home? Start with some play or a walk, followed by a nice bath and dog-friendly shampoo and conditioner. Then, dry your dog and groom them, and perhaps follow up with a relaxing massage to end a perfect spa day. Try our grooming services!
  • Make a special treat – every dog owner knows what their dog loves best. While it is always important to choose healthy and dog-safe types of treats, today is a great day to bake some of his or her favorite doggy biscuits or perhaps consider ordering or buying a specialized dog cake that is made with dog-friendly ingredients.

No matter what you choose, finding a way to love your dog on February 20th is going to make you both feel great, closer together, and just happy to spend time with each other.

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