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The Risk Of Ticks

May 7, 2019

Tick bites, including from the three most common species, are on the rise in the United States. This includes reported bites with both humans as well as dogs, and include bits from the blacklegged tick, also known as the deer tick, as well as the dog tick and Lone Star tick. Of these three, the…

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Holiday Dog Safety For The Season

December 11, 2018

Holiday Dog Safety Tips To Help You Navigate the Season The holiday season is fun for people as well as for many of our four-legged friends. When dogs are naturally social and have the temperament to greet everyone with a wagging tail, this is a great time of year. This is why holiday dog safety is…

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Halloween Dog Safety Tips

October 23, 2018

Halloween is a fun-filled holiday for both kids and adults, but can be a frightening time for even the most confident dogs. Avoid unnecessary stress and dangers this year by following these 7 easy Halloween dog safety tips:   Halloween treats are for people only! All forms of chocolate — especially baking or dark chocolate —…

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Safety When Walking Your Dog Around Water

May 16, 2018

Tips To Keep Your Pup Safe!  When it comes to dogs and water, you might be wondering how to walk a dog safely around water. First of all, there are three basic ways to describe a dog’s reaction to being around water. There are the water enthusiasts who run and jump into any body of…

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Interactive Dog Toys: Brain Games for Smart Pooches

April 3, 2018

Ways to Stimulate Your Dog’s Brain  There are a lot of breeds of dogs that are known for high levels of intelligence and the need for mental stimulation. These include Border Collies, German Shepherds, Poodles, Australian Cattle Dogs, Golden Retrievers, Schnauzers, Labs, Papillons, Dobermans, Rottweilers, and the list goes on. However, all dogs, either purebred…

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Dog Safety In The Winter

January 24, 2018

Winter Safety to Keep Your Dog Safe While some dogs are definitely not up to being out in the cold, other dogs are very excited about the cold weather, the snow on the ground, and all the new things to see and do. Even dogs that are not necessarily outdoor winter dogs do benefit from…

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Thanksgiving Tips For Dogs

November 22, 2017

How to Keep Thanksgiving Fun and Safe for Your Dog Dogs are a very important part of many families, so it only makes sense to want to include them in the holiday festivities. For some families, particularly when everyone is traveling home, this sometimes creates a challenge as several families bring their four-legged family members…

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Preventing Dog Bites: A Guide For Owners

March 14, 2017

In most states and localities, controlling a dog of any breed or type is the responsibility of the owner. While there are some exceptions, legal liability always rests with the aggressive dog’s owner. The most common exceptions are if the dog is guarding or protecting and on or her own property or if the individual…

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