3 Cool Ways To Celebrate Your Dog In August

 Low-Cost Ways to Celebrate the Last Days of Summer
celebrate your dog

Perhaps it is because of the dog days of summer reference, but for most dog owners, August is actually DOGust. With the autumn weather just around the corner and rain and snow just behind that, this is a time to find fun things to do on the weekends or on those last few days of the summer break. Here’s how you can celebrate your dog.

To give your pooch a great last kick at the summer, here are three fun, exciting and low-cost ways to enjoy the dog days of summer together.

Adopt a Dog

If you have a dog who is lonely when you are away, August is the perfect time to find the ideal friend and companion to keep him or her company when you are back at work or school. If you don’t have a dog, this is also a great time to find the ideal pet for your lifestyle.

Adopting an adult or a senior dog means you don’t have to worry about basic training, including housetraining, so you can focus your time on socialization and getting the dogs bonded to each other. Many rescues now use foster situations with older dogs and even the juvenile dogs, allowing the adopting family to have a good idea of how the dog interacts with kids, other dogs, cats and even other types of pets in the house.

It is important to remember that adopting a dog is a serious consideration. Take the time to find a pet at a rescue that is a good match for your current dog and your home. This is a very rewarding experience for your new dog, your current dog, and the whole family.

Have a Dog Party Day

A great way to have one last barbeque or get together is to plan a dog party day. You can send out cute invitations, address them to the dog and let the pooch know they are welcome to bring their humans with them.

Potluck parties are easy to coordinate, with everyone bringing something to eat for the people at the party. Homemade dog biscuits can be cut out with cookie cutters in the shape of the party theme. Baseball, the beach or other similar themed parties make it easy to find or create low-cost decorations while also thinking up dog games and activities.

For a bit less elaborate of an event, invite a group to the local dog park and plan a picnic afterward. Sandwiches, lemonade, and cookies are terrific for the people, with the dogs enjoying some treats as well.

Day Hike 

For a special day with your dog, plan a day hike. You can try someplace new or go to a favorite spot and just enjoy being outdoors and in each other’s company. This is also a great idea for the whole family, allowing kids and parents to unplug and enjoy spending time together doing something everyone in the family is sure to love.

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