Is There A Magic Formula For Puppy Training?

To answer the title at the top of this page, “No!”; but there is such a thing as time-proven techniques and methods that allow you to enjoy your puppy to the fullest. Who among us has gazed into the liquid eyes of our pint-sized loves and wondered how such an adorable face could wreak so much havoc to our expensive shoes? And who could forget the time when little Leo ran off into the middle of traffic causing tens of thousands of dollars in damages, just to chase a butterfly?  While the examples are extreme, the reality is still there; puppies need love, correction and training just as humans do. Local dog training in Maryland can help bring out the best in your faithful companion, and break bad habits and behavioral issues before they can take deep root.


To keep your puppy from turning into Growlcho Marx, there are many options available to you depending upon your schedule.  Many dog owners are often pressed for time, and are unable to train their puppies personally due to work schedules and other demands in their personal life.  Socialization is a key aspect of developing a puppy, which begs the question: who has enough time on their hands to undertake such a venture?  Fortunately, Canine Obedience Unlimited has the solutions to these problems.  Day School Training Camps provide training services in the comfort of your own home. We come to your house while you are away at work and create a “camp environment” that is beneficial for your dog, and helps promote a high success rate in their training.


While there are many aspects of training to focus on for your dog or puppy, rest assured that our services for dog training in Maryland will help you get in touch with your best friend like never before and help to promote excellent habits for  their life.