What To Do If Your Dog Runs Away In Maryland

Whether your dog runs away, escapes the yard, or gets lost; are you prepared? We talk about what to do if your dog runs away.

Runaway Dog in Maryland

Runaway Dog MarylandMaryland is a beautiful state with a great mix of urban areas as well as spectacular natural places as well. This is a haven for dog owners with lots of places to walk and spend time in the great outdoors.

Whether your dog is a country or a city pet, there is always the chance of a dog running away. Sometimes dogs get interested in chasing a squirrel or a bird or something a bit bigger. Dogs may also wander off if other dogs are running loose. Some dogs are just born escape artists and figure out ways to get out of the gate, under or over the fence or out the door in a mad dash.

It is true that intact male and female dogs are more likely to roam and wander than their neutered and spayed counterparts, but any dog can potentially run off under the right circumstances. Often dogs escape when they are bored and left alone, and it may be hours before their absence is noticed when the family arrives home at the end of the day.


If your dog does run away, there are some logical steps to follow. Ideally, make sure all your dogs are microchipped, this allows for a free scan of the chip at any dog shelter, vet or other similar agency to determine the owner of the dog. Make sure all of the contact information is up to date and notify the service if you have a change of address or phone number.

Keep your mobile phone on the microchip data and keep it with you when you are searching. Often people are out looking for hours only to find someone has left a message on the home phone.

If you don’t have a microchip, or even if you do, check the local shelters daily. Dogs can come into a shelter and miss being scanned. If you have a mixed breed or if your dog has typical rather than unique markings, go to the shelter and look at the dogs on a daily basis.

Make Some Calls

While your first urge may be to dash out and start looking if the dog has been gone for hours it is a wise choice to call your Maryland vet, dog control officer and even any dog rescues in the area.

Additionally, call your neighbors or anyone who you know that is in the area and is familiar with your dog. This will allow them to start looking or at least paying attention if they see a stray.


Start Close

Bring your dog’s leash and collar and start looking in areas where you routinely walk. Often dogs will stay relatively close if they are on their own. If your dog loves kids and there is a school or a playground in the area check these locations. Also look in parks and open or wooded areas or where a dog may find something to chase or a new place to explore.

Call frequently and use a positive tone, not one of anger or panic. Also, if your dog has a favorite squeaky toy bring that too and give it a good squeeze as you walk along. The same will work if you are driving, just go slowly and try to have someone else drive for safety.


Using a recent picture of your dog, create a simple flyer. Use the word REWARD in big letter and make sure your phone number is clear and big as well. If possible, place a picture of your dog that highlights any unusual markings. Don’t use blurry or old photos unless these are all that you have.

Facebook and Twitter or other social media and contacts are also good options to post your lost dog information. In some areas of Maryland there are lost dog pages or community pages, be sure to post there as well.

It is also a great idea to talk to your local FedEx, USPS and UPS drivers and delivery people. They are always around the community and can give you a call if they spot your dog.

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