Why Your Dog Isn’t Listening To You

We have done it before; as a dog owner, training and raising a canine can often be compared to raising your own child. Just like any human, they need to learn what they can and cannot do, what is acceptable behavior and the basics of everyday life. The key aspect that individuals sometimes overlook, however, is discipline and direction; without it, your dog may exhibit behaviors that are none too pleasing. Take a look at some of potential reasons why your dog isn’t listening to you:

Giving Nothing But Affection

Dogs need discipline and correction to behave, or they may resort to acting in ways that may make you want to yank your hair out. While it is tempting to give nothing but affection because you love your dog, the reality is that a dog needs to first experience exercise, then disciple and finally the affection. With this pattern, you can help shape their behavior from a negative to a positive.

Failing To Lead By Example

Dogs are pack animals, and out of the two of you, one will become the leader. Through your energy and through your actions, you will show your canine companion what exactly it is that you expect of them. If you fail to exhibit your expectations and follow through with correct discipline, your rules can become meaningless to your pet.

Putting Your Needs First Before the Dog

Dog’s behavior can most likely be changed; the problem is that sometimes the owner’s behavior cannot. When you fail to fulfill the needs of training your dog, and instead take an approach based on what you need, that is when behavior problems start to arise. Training a dog is no simple task, which is why it requires dedication, sacrifice and discipline. However, you will be rewarded in the end with a faithful and obedient friend for many years to come.

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