Pet Safe Salt

Here in Montgomery County Maryland we have a colder climate where winters involve ice and snow, you probably use salt on your driveway and sidewalks. There are probably also a few pet owners who walk their dogs past your property. But did you know that the salt that you’re using to de-ice your driveway and sidewalks can be doing damage to the pets that walk on it? The problem is that when dogs are let out they frolic and eat the snow and many of the ice melt products sit on the surface of the ice. Dogs either ingest these ice melt pellets or they get frozen into their paws. Later when they are inside with higher temperatures the ice melts and dogs begin to lick their paws. The salt blends of calcium chloride can heat up as high as 175 degrees and not only burn their skin but their mouth and digestive system. Children also can come into contact with these salt-based pellets while playing. Occasionally they will ingest the pellets or more likely get them on their hands and rub their eyes causing irritation or even ulcers.

Read the Warnings
If you read the warnings on your traditional salt ice melters, you’ll see that they straight out say that they are dangerous for pets and children. So why would you want to put something so harmful out on the sidewalks where children and pets walk? That’s where pet safe salt comes in.
Pet Safe Salt
There are a number of pet safe salt products on the market now, one of the most popular being Safe Paw. If you use salt on your sidewalks, you might want to think about using a pet safe de-icer like safe paw rather than traditional ice melters. It makes better sense for the environment and it’s much safer for both pets and children.
Visit Safe Paw’s website to get more information about Safe Paw’s pet safe ice melter.

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