Housebreaking Your Dog in 3 Simple Steps

As dog owners, we all recognize that one of the most difficult accomplishments it housebreaking a puppy or grown dog.  The challenge is the same no matter what age; with puppies, they need to learn to control their bladders and movements because it is part of their growing process.  With fully-grown dogs, they need to learn what is acceptable and not acceptable.  Either way, there are some specific steps that should be followed if you want success with housetraining.

–       Never Leave Your Dog Unattended when Housetraining


This is critical, because you are the pack leader and you are the individual whom they look to for direction. If you are never around, and give them free will to roam, it will be difficult to help instill the rules they need to follow in order to avoid eliminating throughout the house.  Training a dog is very similar to nurturing a younger child, in the sense that they need constant attention until they are trained to know right from wrong.


–       Feed Your Dog At Regular Intervals


If you end up feeding your full-grown dog or puppy throughout the day at different times, they may end up having to eliminate at different times.  This is basically of no use to you since you need to know exactly when your pet needs to head outside to do their business.  Feeding your dog twice a day, at the same times every day allows you to figure out when your lovable companion needs to do their business. It eventually becomes a routine and allows you to train your dog to let you know when they have to go.


–       Reward Your Dog When They Do The Right Thing


When you let them know that they succeeded by listening, obeying or following directions in regards to being housebroken, they will end up responding positively. Speaking in a happy tone or offering food as a treat can usually get your message across.


If you ever need help in housebreaking your pet, private dog training could be another effective tool towards getting your furry friend trained to where they need to be.