Is A Golden Retriever The Right Breed For You?

Golden RetrieverDoes A Golden Retriever Interest You?

As dog personalities and temperaments go, it is hard to imagine a better group of dogs than the Retrievers. The Golden Retriever is no exception. This is a noble, lovable and friendly breed that is a great addition to almost any type of family or living situation.

General Breed Description

The Golden Retriever is a medium to large breed of dog, originally bred for hunting and retrieving downed game birds, particularly waterfowl. They have a moderately long, thick coat that can range from slightly wavy to completely straight. The coat is feathered on the underbelly and the hind legs and the underside of the tail.

The head is broad and tapers slightly across the top with longer, shorter pendant ears that hang down to the mid to lower cheek level. The muzzle is straight and wide, with medium to large sized dark brown and very friendly eyes.

The overall look of the Golden Retriever is a solid dog that is built for action. They should not be long and rangy nor should they be compact and heavy. The coat colors can run from a very light cream color to a deeper, richer golden color. It is not uncommon for the feathered areas of the body to be lighter than the rest of the coat.


A well-trained and socialized Golden Retriever is an amazing dog to be around. They are friendly and loving, completely attentive to their family. They are terrific with children of all ages and are not hyper or aggressive, so they make a great companion dog even for small children.

As with any dog, if they are not socialized and trained they can be more aggressive and hyper. However, even for a first-time dog owner, this is a great breed to consider.  This is a natural dog, and pet-friendly breed and typically gets along very well with other companion pets and domesticated animals.

While they are a larger dog, they are not by nature a guard dog. They are good at barking to alert you of visitors, but their wagging tails won’t scare off many people.


One of the wonderful traits of the Golden Retriever is the desire to please the people in the family. These are dogs that will easily learn basic and advanced commands and compete in agility and obedience classes.

To help to socialize and train the puppy, it is highly recommended to consider puppy training classes and, if interested, to look to more advanced obedience or agility training as they age.


As this is a double coated dog breed, regular grooming is a must. They will shed the undercoat twice a year, which can mean a lot of additional hair on the carpet and furniture.

They are an overall healthy breed that tends to be a bit of a couch potato. Check with the breeder as cancer, hip dysplasia, and Von Willebrand’s disease does occur in some lines. Ensure regular daily exercise and monitor food intake to prevent weight gain.

The typical life expectancy of the Golden Retriever is about 10 to 12 years. These are dogs that enjoy playing and stay very much like a puppy well into their adult years. They are a wonderful companion pet and can do well in a small house or apartment provided they have daily exercise time outdoors.


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