Dog of the Month – December 2014

Please say hello to Zoe!

Zoe first began training with Marty when she came in for a Board & Train this past August. At the time she was very shy so a lot of work was put into building her trust before focusing on commands. Unfortunately she then came down with awful seasonal allergies that made it difficult for her to breathe or see so the decision was made to stop training until she was well. When Zoe came back in just before Thanksgiving the concern was that Marty would need to start from scratch since so much time had passed. It was unclear whether Zoe would still trust him but as it turned out she was ready to work and learned her commands with flying colors!

Zoe is an American Eskimo Dog, which given their striking looks are often referred to as ‘The Dog Beautiful’. Zoe is certainly a super model dog and we are glad to have her as part of the COU dog of the month club!

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