Dog Boot Camp Benefits

Dog boot camps at our Montgomery and Frederick County Maryland locations have become our most popular program due to the change in today’s economy. With people spending more time away from their home then ever and with many pet owners have trying to train their own dogs, life ends up getting in the way. Pet owners and their family have busy lives which puts training on the back burner. You say to yourself, “well I’ll just spend some extra time tomorrow,” but even with the best intentions, it’s hard to find that extra time. Dog boot camps have become a popular choice for today’s busy families.

Dog boot camp programs, with the proper follow up support, are extremely effective because they take the dog out of its normal family life where the dog can easily be confused with the variety of people trying to communicate with him or her. It allows a trainer to work with the dog one on one for a extended period of time (usually 1-4 weeks), resulting in a dog who has a better understanding of commands and what is being asked of them. This takes the pressure of time and teaching off of the owner as the trainer teaches the dog new commands and behaviors. By the time the owner returns and picks up the dog, it has a complete understanding of all the commands and behaviors, making it easy for the owner to maintain the training and preferred behavior.

The follow up after a dog boot camp is a very important part of the process. After the completion of a dog boot camp there is normally a follow up where the trainer will sit down with you and explains how your dog’s training went. You are given a demonstration to show you, your “new” dog. This is followed by a session with you the owner, to train you how to handle the dog, and enforce and maintain what he or she has learned. The most important aspect to consider when choosing a good dog boot camping facility is the follow up process. Otherwise, the training may be worthless if you are not given the appropriate level of support and guidance.

Look for a facility that guarantees specific results with the dog, and gives the owner unlimited follow up support for the rest of the dog’s life with either private or group lessons. In choosing the best place for your dog, it is important to look for a facility with multiple trainers so the dog can learn to listen to more than just one person. Generally, there is a greater range of services offered by a company staffed by multiple trainers. Most importantly, ask for a demonstration of one of their dogs to get an idea of the quality of training that you can expect to receive.

Andrew Fraser is president and training director for Canine Obedience Unlimited, a full-service training and boarding facility located in Urbana. Fraser is a Master Trainer graduate of the National K9 School for Professional Dog Trainers, a No Limitations graduate of Sit Means Sit and a certified first aid and CPR instructor from Pet Tech 240-793-5787.