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Getting Your Dog Ready For The July 4th Fireworks

June 24, 2019

We Love Fireworks, But Do Dogs? While people may love the July 4th fireworks displays, many dogs, cats and most wild and domestic animals have a very different view. Animals naturally fear the sound of fireworks and other loud noises such as thunder, guns and other types of sudden noises. Keep in mind, your dog’s…

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The Risks Of Letting Your Dog Drink From A Puddle

May 27, 2019

Believe it or not there are risks of letting your dog drink from a puddle and we’re going to tell you just exactly what they are. Puddles, ditches, and low lying areas are always attractive to dogs. They seem to love to run through the mud, to roll around in the cool dirt and even…

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Leadership in Dog Training

April 2, 2019

Leadership in dog training is very important. Most dog owners have heard a dog trainer, a friend that owns a dog, or even their vet talk about ensuring they are the pack leader in the eyes of their pet. This is sometimes called being the “alpha,” and it simply means being the person your dog…

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The Truth About Your Dog’s Nose

March 20, 2019

Today, dogs are used in a wide range of different types of jobs, offering superior performance to both people and machines. One of these areas where dogs really excel is in locating items by scent.  Dogs, and their ancestors the wolves, have long used their sense of smell for hunting wild game, but now their…

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Let’s Stop The Barking

November 29, 2017

Understand Why Your Dog Is Barking You might be wondering, why is my dog barking? Barking is a very natural behavior for dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages. While there are a few breeds that don’t bark (the Basenji) or only bark infrequently, even these dogs make noises and will alert their owners to…

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How To Get Your Dog To Stop Biting

October 23, 2017

Having a Biting Dog can be Stressful, Painful and Costly!  Dogs that bite are not just nuisance or an inconvenience for the owner; they are a lawsuit that is just waiting to happen. Today, even small dog bites are resulting in lawsuits with costly consequences for the owner. You might be wondering how to get your dog…

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Options Before Giving Up On A Dog

October 17, 2017

Advice on Handling Your Dog Before Giving Up!  Most dog behavior is a product of their environment. If a dog has been abused, neglected, or treated badly by humans in the past, they may have difficulties in adjusting to life with a loving owner and family. We have some options before giving up on a…

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Dog of the Month – February 2015

February 4, 2015

Please meet Clark! When we first met Clark he was one of the worst cases of dog reactivity that we have ever seen before.  He was aggressive towards other animals, becoming hyper-adrenalized and it was incredibly sad to see such a nice dog so stressed. We were all worried and concerned that Clark would try…

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