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The Risks Of Letting Your Dog Drink From A Puddle

Puddles, ditches, and low lying areas are always attractive to dogs. They seem to love to run through the mud, to roll around in the cool dirt and even to drink the water. However, letting dogs drink from stagnant water in these types of low lying areas can have mild to much more serious health […]

Leadership in Dog Training

Most dog owners have heard a dog trainer, a friend that owns a dog, or even their vet talk about ensuring they are the pack leader in the eyes of their pet. This is sometimes called being the “alpha,” and it simply means being the person your dog sees as being in charge. Leadership is […]

The Truth About Your Dog’s Nose

Today, dogs are used in a wide range of different types of jobs, offering superior performance to both people and machines. One of these areas where dogs really excel is in locating items by scent. ¬†Dogs, and their ancestors the wolves, have long used their sense of smell for hunting wild game, but now their […]

Dog of the Month – October 2014

Please say hello to Boyd, our October 2014 dog of the month!! Boyd recently joined us for a 10 day Board and Train, and quickly became a COU favorite. Always eager to work he picked up commands quickly with almost no need for correction, and learned the entire agility course in under a half hour! […]

The "Bark in the Park" Event Arrives in May

Although it is the dead of winter and arctic weather covers the majority of the United States, Spring is only a little over two months away. This means better weather and more beautiful days to spend outdoors with your pets! One of the more exciting events to look forward to is the Bark In The […]