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New Year’s Resolutions For Your Dog

Dogs, just like people, can take on a challenge. Of course, for your four-legged family members, you will be instrumental in ensuring your dog has the resources and the help he or she needs to be successful.    The following are a few dog-friendly New Year’s Resolutions that will help your pooch be a happier, […]

Does Your Dog Need A Jacket And Booties For Winter?

Dogs today are very different from the wild wolves that are their ancestors. Most companion dogs live indoors, and they rarely spend more than a few hours a day outside, particularly in cold or wet weather or in the heat of the summer sun. There are also many different breeds of dogs from small, short-haired […]

The "Bark in the Park" Event Arrives in May

Although it is the dead of winter and arctic weather covers the majority of the United States, Spring is only a little over two months away. This means better weather and more beautiful days to spend outdoors with your pets! One of the more exciting events to look forward to is the Bark In The […]