Puppy Obedience Class – Rockville

July 19, 2016 @ 4:20 pm – 5:20 pm

The key to raising the ideal canine companion is puppy obedience training to prevent problems now rather than trying to fix them once they’ve spun out of control later down the road. Puppy owners have an advantage of starting off with a clean slate, as a dog’s critical developmental period is already over by the time a puppy reaches 16 weeks of age. Get your dog off to the right start with our one-of-a-kind puppy training classes located in Frederick, Maryland where your puppy will get lots of individual attention in our small group class setting. Our goal is to create your most ideal, well mannered adult dog.

This puppy obedience training class is open for puppies 8-16 weeks old in order to get your puppy started at the right time.  The class runs for one hour each week for four consecutive weeks.

Class start dates:

Saturday 8/1/15 at 10am

$119 for 4 weeks

Call us at 240-793-5787 to register.

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