Group Dog Training

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Group Dog Training

in Rockville, MD

Group training classes at DogiZone help your dog become the best version of themselves.

Training strengthens the bond between you and your furry best friend, for a safe, happy, healthy, and obedient dog.

That’s true whether you’re looking for basic training like better manners and behavior at home, or whether you want your dog to have the highest level of obedience in any situation, including off-leash under a high level of distractions.

At our group classes here in Rockville, MD, you’ll get to work with expert dog trainers, and meet other pet parents who love dogs as much as you do. A group setting allows your canine pal to learn quickly and to socialize with other dogs, while you enjoy camaraderie and encouragement from your classmates.

Here’s why you and your dog will love group classes at our Rockville Dog Training Zone:

  • Our dog training experts are highly experienced, and have taught these classes to over 30,000 dogs.
  • We can modify the training approach to suit your dog’s individual needs.
  • We offer all levels of training, whether you’re just starting out with a puppy or new dog, wanting to stop a problem behavior like barking or soiling in the house, or looking for the highest level of obedience off-leash with lots of distractions.
  • We’re focused on helping your dog have the best manners in any situation, whether that means adjusting to your household routine, not jumping up on guests, better behavior around strangers and other dogs, or passing a test such as AKC Canine Good Citizen.
  • Classes are family-friendly, with tips and techniques for all family members (including children 8 years old and up) who want to be involved with your dog’s training and learning.
  • Classes are kept to a small, comfortable size. That way, you and your dog get the individual attention and assistance you need.
  • Classes are offered six days a week at our Rockville Dog Training Zone, so you’re sure to find a time that fits your schedule.

At DogiZone, we’re committed to improving the lives of both people, and their pets. With that goal in mind, you’ll be amazed by how quickly you see results, and by how training deepens the bond between you and your dog.

You can contact us any time for a free evaluation, to see which group sessions are best for you and your furry family member.


New Clients: Get a FREE Training Evaluation! (Valued at $79.95)

First time clients only. Cannot be combined with other offers. Subject to availability.

You can find our group training classes calendar online, here. And below, you can learn more about some of the training classes we offer (think of it as “school” for your dog!)
Dogs and their pet parents in training class

Preschool: Puppy Socialization for dogs under 16 weeks

If you have a new puppy, this is the perfect time to start their training, and equip them with good behavior for life!

Puppies are learning about the world every day, and they have a “clean slate.” In other words, they don’t have any bad habits yet. And, it’s much easier for you to prevent problem behaviors now, rather than trying to fix them later.

DogiZone’s training experts will give you and your puppy plenty of individual attention in our small group classes. Our goals are to:

  • Create your most ideal, well-mannered dog.
  • Prevent behavior problems before they start.
  • Teach your puppy how to socialize with other dogs, people, sounds and objects.

The ideal time to train your puppy is 8-20 weeks of age, a critical development period for socialization and learning, so our classes are open for puppies of that age range. To prevent your dog from being fearful in their older age.

Elementary School: Covering Basic Manners

Our basic training is the foundation of all of our more advanced programs, and a great place to start if your dog is new to training. We also recommend that all dogs who are new to DogiZone start here, too, even if they’ve had prior training elsewhere.

We use time-tested training techniques to teach you how to effectively communicate with your canine companion, and bring out the best in them.

Here, your dog will:

  • Learn the basic commands sit, down, and stationary attention.
  • Start to recognize their name, and respond to you even with mild distractions.
  • Learn how to settle down, and to greet people while sitting at your side.
  • With your help, eliminate problem behaviors at home, such as jumping, play-biting, and any issues with housetraining.
Golden doodle on a small platform

Middle School: Developing Leadership

Here, you and your dog will build on the basics, and start to take training to the next level. This includes:

  • Polite walking, so your dog pays attention to you during their walks, ignores distractions like other dogs, and doesn’t pull on the leash.
  • New commands like come and stay.
  • Auto sit at doors, and for attention.
  • Problem-solving for behaviors such as barking, chewing, digging, etc.

High School: Training with Distractions

Any dog can behave themselves without distractions… But here, your dog will learn on leash obedience even with distractions, which will prepare them to use their new skills out in the real world and not just at our Rockville Training Zone. Skills include:

  • Long-distance come command, and other distance commands.
  • Stay with distractions.
  • Loose-leash walking past distractions, and heeling past other dogs.
  • Standing for exam or to have paws dried
Yellow lab wearing a blue mortar board at training graduation

College: Advanced Training

Here, the skills learned in Training with Distractions will be developed even further, for a well-behaved dog in any environment. By the end, you should expect nothing less than an outstanding dog.

This includes:

  • Strengthening come and stay, including an emergency come, and staying for longer periods of time at greater distances.
  • Turns and an automatic sit in heeling.
  • Heeling off-leash past other dogs and distractions, even while in motion or at a distance.

Dogtorate: The Most Advanced Level of Training We Offer

This is for dogs and owners who enjoy training, have a need for a very high level of obedience, or want to introduce your dog to fun activities. Here, you’ll truly delve into all that our expert dog trainers offer. It’s our highest level of training.

This includes:

  • Scent Work
  • Agility
  • Tricks
  • Rally

New Clients: Get a FREE Training Evaluation! (Valued at $79.95)

First time clients only. Cannot be combined with other offers. Subject to availability.

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DogiZone Transportation Service

Want to send your dog to Dogizone® for day care or boarding but can’t fit the drive into your busy schedule? Or, maybe you just want to avoid dealing with traffic before or after work? We have a solution!

Reservation Requirements

To ensure the safety of all guests, we require all guests have met our minimum vaccination requirements. Our Dog Training Reservation Specialists will review this with you when you contact us.

The DogiZone Dog Training facility is truly a luxury dog resort designed to pamper your pooch while you’re away from home. Now you can relax and enjoy your time away knowing that your dog is being cared for by the best in the business.