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Our exclusive Playcademy program is the most personalized, premier dog daycare program we offer. Think of it as a concierge service, with Playcademy dog care experts who help determine which activities will most benefit your dog during their day with us.

Depending on your dog’s needs, this may include:

  • Playtime with staff members
  • Playtime with other dogs
  • Life skills lessons
  • Manners training
  • Treadmills and exercise toys
  • Agility lessons and activities
  • Rotation through a variety of these options, depending on your dog’s needs and interests

Daycare rates starting as low as $22.95/day

Golden retriever in Playcademy

In Other Words,

Your Furry Best Friend can have it all!

While you’re away at the office, they’ll:

  • Get the attention, exercise, and mental stimulation they need to stay healthy and mentally sharp.
  • Have a ton of fun!
  • Come home relaxed and ready to enjoy some time with you, without bouncing off the walls.

Today was Roscoe's first day for daycare and they made it very easy. Roscoe was comfortable with them which is surprising because he is a homebody. I plan on taking him back for more daycare.

— Nicey J.


Daycare rates starting as low as $22.95/day

This popular program fills up quickly!

It’s the highest staff-to-dog ratio out of all of our daycare programs—that means, your dog will get plenty of one-on-one attention, activity planning, and guidance from one of our Playcademy experts. So, be sure to book your pal’s stay well ahead of time, there is limited space in this program and is done on a first come first served basis.

At Playcademy, you and your dog also get all the usual benefits of staying for dog daycare at DogiZone, including…

  • The largest indoor/outdoor climate-controlled dog daycare facility in Montgomery county.
  • Fun activities like birthday parties and other themed events.
  • Sparkling clean facilities, cleaned at regular intervals with hospital-grade disinfectants.
  • Comfortable enclosures for rest time.
  • Expert trainers, grounded in our values of keeping dogs safe, happy, healthy, and well-behaved—and who love dogs as much as you do!
  • A convenient transportation option (we can pick up and drop off your dog at home!)

Your buddy also gets the skills-building lessons, special equipment use, extra attention, and custom-made activity schedule to keep them happy and engaged.

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DogiZone transportation van

DogiZone Transportation Service

Want to send your dog to Dogizone® for day care or boarding but can’t fit the drive into your busy schedule? Or, maybe you just want to avoid dealing with traffic before or after work? We have a solution!

How to schedule your dog at Playcademy:

Due to the special nature of this program and limited spaces, we’ll do an evaluation for your best friend first, to be sure they’re a great fit. This evaluation allows us to really get to know your dog—including their likes, dislikes, personality, and training level—to tell us which daycare program may be most comfortable for them, for a really enjoyable stay while you’re away!

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