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Personalized Play

Personalized Play is the perfect daycare option for dogs who prefer one-on-one attention from our DogiExperts, Or time to play in a small group with dogs specifically chosen to match them.

Based on your dog’s personality and preferences—such as dogs that are a certain size, gender, and energy level compatible with your furry best friend—we’ll find the perfect playmates for them!

For Personalized Play, your dog will receive:

  • Playtime with staff members
  • Playtime with other dogs(if they are a good fit)
  • Plenty of walks
  • Comfortable enclosures for rest time


When they spend the day with us, your furry best friend will get the attention and activities they enjoy, in a fun, customizable environment with dog care experts who love dogs just as much as you do! Think of it as a home away from home with expert care.

We hope to have your pal as our guest soon! And while they’re here, they’ll enjoy all the benefits of dog daycare at DogiZone, including:

  • Exercise and energy release, for a calm night and quality time with you at home.
  • Safe, supervised socialization with other dogs.
  • Relief from boredom and loneliness.
  • Frequent bathroom breaks.
  • The largest indoor/outdoor climate-controlled dog daycare facility in Montgomery county.
  • Fun activities like birthday parties and other themed events.
  • Sparkling clean facilities, cleaned at regular intervals with hospital-grade disinfectants.
  • Expert trainers, grounded in our core values of keeping dogs safe, happy, healthy, and well-behaved—and who love dogs as much as you do!
  • A convenient transportation option (we can pick up and drop off your dog at home!)

We’ll help you schedule an evaluation, so be sure your dog is a great fit for the program.

A dog daycare evaluation allows us to really get to know your dog—including their likes, dislikes, personality, and training level—to tell us which daycare program may be most comfortable for them, for an enjoyable day while you’re away!

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