The Luck Of The Irish Dogs

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, this is a great time to look at two very popular breeds of Irish dogs that originate in Ireland. There are actually several breeds of Irish dogs, including the massive Irish Wolfhound, the unique looking Irish Water Spaniel, the Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier, and the Glen of Imaal […]

The Facts About Hypoallergenic Dogs

Check out the facts about hypoallergenic dogs before getting one People that are allergic to dogs are not allergic to dog hair; rather they are allergic to the dander, which is the skin cells that are normally shed by the dog. This is not any different than people or animals as all will have some […]

Australian Shepherd – What To Expect

Traits & Training You Can Expect with an Australian Shepherd The Australian Shepherd is a herding breed that was actually developed in the United States and not in Australia. It is also not the same as an Australian Cattle Dog (or Heeler), the two are different breeds with different traits, although they are both herding […]

The Boxer: Training and Traits

A Boxer Dog and What To Look For The Boxer is a powerful, impressive looking dog that has a playful and sometimes goofy side when around the family and those he or she trusts. As one of the descendants of the Molossus breed, which is now extinct, the Boxer has early roots as a fighting […]