Obedience Training

Myth Busters About Puppy Socialization

There are, unfortunately, a lot of myths and misunderstandings about training dogs, with a lot of these myths around puppy socialization as well as actual obedience work with puppies of all ages.¬† Myth: Puppies are naturally friendly and socialized¬† It is true that puppies are naturally socialized with their littermates, mother, and the breeder or […]

Types of Dog Training

Popular Options For Dog Training Having a well-behaved dog is a great way to be able to take your pet with you to a lot of different events, activities, and places. However, it is also important to train your dog for your safety as well as for the safety of your pet. Dog training is […]

Preventing Dog Bites: A Guide For Owners

In most states and localities, controlling a dog of any breed or type is the responsibility of the owner. While there are some exceptions, legal liability always rests with the aggressive dog’s owner. The most common exceptions are if the dog is guarding or protecting and on or her own property or if the individual […]