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Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

September 12, 2017

Teach An Old Dog New Tricks  Everyone is familiar with that old saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” As old sayings go, this is definitely a saying that is not only slightly inaccurate; it is completely wrong. You can teach an old dog new tricks! Old dogs, just like young dogs, can…

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Why Your Dog Isn’t Listening To You

January 6, 2014

We have done it before; as a dog owner, training and raising a canine can often be compared to raising your own child. Just like any human, they need to learn what they can and cannot do, what is acceptable behavior and the basics of everyday life. The key aspect that individuals sometimes overlook, however,…

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Is There A Magic Formula For Puppy Training?

July 23, 2013

To answer the title at the top of this page, “No!”; but there is such a thing as time-proven techniques and methods that allow you to enjoy your puppy to the fullest. Who among us has gazed into the liquid eyes of our pint-sized loves and wondered how such an adorable face could wreak so…

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5 month puppy in bethesda being trained

December 18, 2011

Working in Bethesda Maryland training a dog named Mario a golden retriever outside of Montgomery mall

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Testimonials: Rex – Service Dog

June 3, 2011

Service Dog Training is one of the many services that are offered by Canine Obedience Unlimited.

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Dog Boot Camp Benefits

February 23, 2011

Dog boot camps at our Montgomery and Frederick County Maryland locations have become our most popular program due to the change in today’s economy. With people spending more time away from their home then ever and with many pet owners have trying to train their own dogs, life ends up getting in the way. Pet…

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