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Getting Your Dog Ready for Back To School

July 27, 2018

Back To School Means Change In Routine for Dogs Kids are typically a mixture of excited and bit anxious and parents are often happy and looking forward to some time on their own when back to school rolls around each autumn. The one member of the family that is not at all happy about the…

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Be Careful Around Standing Water

July 18, 2018

Standing Water Can Make Your Pups Sick Most dogs are very comfortable in the water. Some just like to wade around while others like to leap in and take off swimming. In the summer months, standing water in lakes and ponds may look like a good option to allow your dog to cool off, but…

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Keeping Your Dog Safe In The Heat

July 10, 2018

Easy Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer Dogs, like people, need to stay cool for their health. Unfortunately, there are still issues with dogs being left in vehicles, left outside without any way to cool off or dogs being exercised in the heat of the day. All of these issues can potentially result…

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Hiking With Your Dog In And Around Rockville, MD

July 4, 2018

Our Top Picks for Dog Parks Around Rockville The summer months and the early fall is a wonderful time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. In and around Rockville, MD, there are terrific hiking paths and parks to explore, many which are dog-friendly and welcoming to both two and four-legged visitors. While some…

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Getting Your Dog Ready For The July 4th Fireworks

June 26, 2018

We Love Fireworks, But Do Dogs? While people may love the July 4th fireworks displays, many dogs, cats and most wild and domestic animals have a very different view. Animals naturally fear the sound of fireworks and other loud noises such as thunder, guns and other types of sudden noises. Keep in mind, your dog’s…

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Cool Ideas For Hot Summer Fun With Your Dog

June 20, 2018

Summer Is A Wonderful season To Spend With Your Dog Summer vacations, weekends, or just evenings home from work or school are a great time to spend doing something with your dog. Dogs, just like people, like to experience new things, particularly if they are well-socialized and used to being out and about with their…

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Essential Packing For Taking Your Dog Camping

June 13, 2018

Essentials to Pack When Camping With Your Dog Taking your dog camping is a great way to bond, spend time together and to get out of the city and just roam and be free. Having a dog along is a wonderful companionship activity plus it is mentally and physically stimulating for dogs of all ages.…

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Tips For Camping With Your Dog

June 6, 2018

Safety Considerations for Camping Taking your dog out in the great outdoors for a camping trip is a great experience for you both to enjoy. However, there can also be some challenges, particularly if this is the first camping trip of the year of the first time you have had your dog out for more…

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