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Executive Assistant

I'm looking for a highly organized, detail oriented individual to fulfill a unique set of needs. I’m not just looking for someone to manage the details; I’m looking for a hyper-organized person who proactively handles the details while keeping all the pieces moving so I can grow my business as quickly as I want to.

Odds are this job is not right for you. But, if you happen to possess the skills and personality traits I'm looking for, this may very well be your dream job. Seriously.


I'm the busy owner of the top dog training resort in the in the area but I’m bogged down in details as I lead my team and interact with clients. I need someone who has the skill and motivation to make my life more efficient so I can show up and do the most important things, then leave them behind at the end of the day to spend time with my family—all the while having the confidence that the details are being handled.

If you genuinely love solving problems, being super-organized, creating highly-effective systems, and working in a fast-growing and fast-moving organization, then this job could be for you.

You’ll have the opportunity to be part of an organization that has been making a massive, positive impact in the lives of dogs and their owners for 15 years.

We are located in Rockville, MD but have a much larger impact, and we plan to grow into new markets every year.


Before we go further, I have a WARNING: I’m not the easiest person to work with. In fact, I’m very challenging. I move fast. I’m impatient. I don’t like mistakes. “Sense-of-urgency” is my middle name.

I’m extremely focused and have a demanding schedule which is inspired from my intense desire to have appositive impact on the lives of those I serve and grow my business to global domination. As a result, some people mistake my focus and determination for being “cold”, “too blunt”, or “short” in my interactions. (But those who get to know me will find that is not the case at all but it can catch someone off-guard who is not prepared for it.)

I love focused efficiency and I’m looking for someone who can match that level. Listen, neither you nor I have time to waste. There’s no room in our schedules for long conversations about irrelevant items, or room for error or miscommunication.


Like me, you are focused, efficient, move with urgency. You believe in taking the details off my plate so I can make magic.

• You operate at a high level and have impeccable written communication skills so that nothing falls through the cracks.

• You must be the type of person that thrives in this fast paced environment, and keep all of our projects running on schedule.

• You are highly organized to keep multiple projects moving forward at the same time.

• You are a clear thinker who can problem-solve on the fly and quickly triage incoming communication to determine whether someone else can handle it.

• You are proactive: The perfect person for this position looks for any way they might help make my day easier. This means that my Executive Assistant will spend much of their time making sure my complex life operates like a well-oiled machine. (To that end, you may handle some of my life’s personal details and scheduling along with my professional life.)


You’ll be organizing all aspects of my day—from running my calendar of meetings, to booking travel, to managing projects, to video shoots and interviews—coordinating all necessary logistics to ensure that I just need to show up with the right resources and people, and be prepared to lead and serve those I’m with.

Duties include:

• Acting as liaison and first point of contact for most people.

• Managing my calendar—working with me and my team to manage occupancy, meetings, travel, etc. Then, making sure I’m aware of those commitments and have the resources for each one at the right time. Also, don’t forget to make sure I have time to eat!

• Coordinating with the team that all the pieces are in place for anything that I need to do (i.e., scripts or slides for meetings and presentations).

• Managing my communication—emails, online chats, etc.—and triaging that communication to redirect it to someone else, answer it on my behalf, or advance specific questions to me as necessary.

• Replying on my behalf to peopleؙ—clearly communicating my message while sometimes filling in

the details as necessary.

• Proactively following up with people on anything that I need to pay attention to (including projects, potential partners, employees, etc.)

• Reviewing the company’s online Project Management system for any projects I need to do, and, adding projects to the Project Management system that I want to assign to someone else.

• Proactively following up on deadlines from team members to ensure projects are being completed on schedule.

• Batching work (such as reviewing marketing copy or reviewing reports and KPIs) to manage my focus and time.

• Gathering/consolidating reports of numbers from the team each day/week/month/quarter for me to review.

• Responding to requests (with the understanding that you are my executive assistant but sometimes you can redirect a request to someone who can handle the request without involving me).

• Conducting some research as needed on projects (and working with the team to compile research into actionable information for me).

• Working with a transcription company to transcribe audio notes to turn them into emails or blog posts.

• Preparing and shipping materials as necessary.

• Attending meetings and taking notes to provide action items at the end of the meeting.

• Performing basic bookkeeping and accounting functions including invoices, expenses, receivables, and reporting, while also working with our company’s bookkeeper and accountant.

• Preparing presentations, which includes: proofing details, sourcing images, and working with our creative team to ensure quality

• Performing a variety of typical office administrative tasks including: data entry, database management, supply management, digitization, filing, etc. (While we do have a team to do most of this, some of this will be your responsibility due to the sensitive nature of the projects.)

• Experience handling dogs is a plus. There may be times you handle client dogs. There will definitely be times you handle my dogs. If you love labs, you’re in luck – I have 3!

• And other projects as assigned.

In short, the right person has to be willing to do virtually anything that needs to be done to free up my time so I can do what I do best, and they have to do it with professionalism and grace.


The right person has the following qualifications:

• Has experience as an assistant to a busy, high performing, and demanding executive.

• Incredibly proactive. They look for things that need to be done and they do them. They don't wait around until they are told to do something.

• Organized. I sometimes mess up dates. I need someone who is deeply, obsessively organized and makes sure I get to where I need to be!

• Flexible. You need to be comfortable when plans change when things go wrong. I need someone with a cool head and a can-do attitude.

• Positive. You have to be positive. I don't want to hear about your problems. I don't want to hear complaints. I want to hear what you're doing to make each day a kick ass day. I want to see you smiling.

• Has a super-clean record. I'll do a detailed background check on you. If you've been in trouble in the past, don't apply.

• Is an excellent communicator: both written and verbal.

• A FAST learner. I'll expose you to many, many new opportunities. If you can't pick up new concepts fast, you'll be lost and I'll be frustrated.

• Has discretion and can maintain confidentiality. I'm extremely private. I demand complete discretion and confidentiality. Because of this, the more I trust you, the more rewarding the job will be for you.

• And bonus points if you’re a perfectionist. There’s nothing wrong with getting things right.

I am also open to a remote, work-from-home team member. However, I prefer local (Maryland) so that you can perform errands, shopping trips, on-site assistance at meetings, events and filming days, etc.

Job Benefits

Compensation is fully negotiable. I'm willing to pay for the right person. I wouldn't expect to find anyone for less than $40,000 per year. So, that's the starting point but I'm willing to pay more if you happen to be amazing. If you are the right person and add tremendous value to my life, you'll come to realize that I'm extremely generous.

So, if you think you might be the right person for this job, send me your resume and, more importantly, a 3 minute video explaining in detail, why YOU are the right person for this position along with your salary requirements.


Please email your cover letter, resume, and video to andrew@dogizone.com with the subject line: Executive Assistant. I will contact those who qualify to move forward to the next step of the application process.

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January 13, 2020
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Position: Executive Assistant

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